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Apple Tartlets Recipe

Apple -TartApple Tartlets Recipe from 1916.

Pare, core, and slice one pound of cooking apples, cook in a clean saucepan with a little water until soft, mash them, and add four ounces of fine sugar and three ounces of butter. Stir all one way until the butter is melted. Pour the mixture into a basin, add the grated rind and juice of one lemon, and three eggs (well beaten). Mix well with a wooden spoon. Line some patty-pans with thin pastry, put some of the mixture into each, and bake in a hot oven.

Star Cake Recipe

Star cakeStar Cake Recipe from 1909 Edwardian.

Ingredients, — One cupful of sifted flour, two eggs, table- spoonfuls of chopped citron, one cupful of sugar, one tablespoonful of chopped orange-peel.

Method.–Beat the sugar and eggs together till thick, add fruit and flour, moisten with a little milk, cut into stars, and bake in a moderate oven on greased tins.



Flapjack Recipe

FlapjackFlapjack Recipe from 1916

Half a pound of flour, one teaspoonful of baking-powder, a pinch of salt, two ounces of currants, milk or water. Wash, clean, and dry the currants, sift the flour, and mix all together to a moderately soft butter; heat some fat in a frying-pan, drop in a tablespoonful of the mixture at a time, and fry both sides brown. Drain, and dust with sugar.

Raised Muffin Recipe

MuffinsRaised Muffin Edwardian Recipe 1909.

Scald a pint of milk, and when lukewarm add one compressed yeast cake dissolved, half a teaspoonful of salt, and two cupfuls and a half of flour. Beat thoroughly, and stand aside until very light – about two hours. Then add the yolks of two eggs well beaten, and fold in the well beaten whites. Stand aside for thirty minutes, and bake in greased muffin-rings.

Vanilla Slices Recipe

Vanilla slices Recipe from Edwardian 1909.

Take one pound of flour, half a pound of lard. Rub the lard in the flour, and mix to a fairly stiff paste with cold water. Divide the paste into two equal parts, roll each one about eight inches long and four inches wide, and bake in a hot oven. When baked, and gone quite cool, sandwich together with the following mixture, one ounce of corn flour, three ounce of castor sugar. Place in a brass pan, and beat well together with one egg, then add a cupful of milk, and boil till it becomes the consistency of thick cream, and a drop or two of essence of vanilla. When you have sandwiched them together, run a little water icing over the top, and cut in little slices about an inch thick.


Dough-Nut Edwardian Recipe

berliner-17811_1920Dough-Nut Recipe from 1909

Rub an ounce of butter in a pound of flour, add a tablespoonful of sugar and a pinch of salt. Cream half an once of yeast with a little white sugar,and add to it nearly half a pint of lukewarm milk or water, and put in the centre of flour to sponge as for bread, add a well beaten egg, and knead into a soft dough. Let it rise for about an hour in a warm place. Roll out, and form into small balls, putting a little stiff jam in each. Put all the balls on a well floured paste- board, and let them stand in front of the fire till well risen. Have ready a pan of deep, hot fat, and fry the dough-nuts for six or seven  minutes, till they are a golden brown, then drain, roll each in castor sugar, and dish in a pile. This quantity is enough to make fifteen or sixteen delicious dough-nuts.

Souffle Pudding

Put half a pint of breadcrumbs into a pie-dish with one pint of milk, two ounces of sugar, the grated rind of one lemon, one ounce of butter cut up small, and the yolks of two eggs. Bake until set and nicely browned. Now put a layer of any firm preserve on the top, beat the whites off the two eggs to a stiff froth with the juice of half a lemon and two ounces of castor sugar, and put it over the preserve. Put the pudding back in the oven, and brown lightly with a salamander.

Souffle pudding


Strawberry and Crumb Pudding 1868

Time to bake, half an hour,

A quart of new milk, four eggs, a nutmeg, one small pot of strawberry jam, half a pound of bread – crumbs.

Butter a pie dish, and put a small pot of strawberry jam at the bottom, then a good layer of bread – crumbs. Well beat four eggs, stir into them two ounces of powdered sugar, and a little grated nutmeg, add a quart of new milk, and stir it over the fire until it is  sufficiently thick, pour it over the preserve very gradually, and bake the pudding in a very moderate  oven.

Strawberry and Crumb Pudding

Christmas Ginger Cake 1909



One and a half pounds of flour, half a pound of ground rice, half a pound of castor sugar, one pound of treacle, half a pound of lard, quarter of a pound of butter, two eggs, essence of lemon, two heaped teaspoonfuls each of ground ginger and baking – powder, half a teaspoonful of carbonate of soda, one gill of milk, pinch of salt.

Method. – Beat butter, lard, and sugar: then add eggs, well beaten: next add flour, rice, and salt. Mix these powders together, then make a well in centre, pour in  the treacle, warm milk, and a teaspoonful of essence of lemon. Beat all for ten minutes, then put into a well greased tin and bake in a moderate oven for two or two and a half hours. This cake is best if made a fortnight before Christmas.