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Almond Toffee from 1909 Recipe Book

Almond Toffee Recipe.

Put into a clean saucepan one and a half pounds of treacle, half pound of Demerara  sugar, stirring sugar, and two ounces of butter. Boil for twenty five minutes, stirring very little, or it will candy. Add a quarter of a pound of blanched and split almonds, boil for five minutes, then turn into well-greased tins. When partly set,mark into bars with the back of a knife,

Apricot and Pineapple Jam From 1916

Apricot and Pineapple Jam

One pound of dried apricots, one small tin of pineapple chunks. Soak apricots in three cupfuls of water for two days. Put in pan with juice from pineapple, boil for one hour. Then add four pounds and a half of sugar, and pineapple chunks cut small. Boil for half an hour.


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Apricot pinapple jam


Peach Jam from 1916 Recipe Book

peach jamPeach Jam 1916

Take one pound of dried peaches, wash well, soak in a pan with three pints of water for three days, strain off liquid and put it into a preserving pan with three pounds of sugar. Boil slowly for a few minutes, add peaches cut up small, also one lemon cut up small. Boil for about one hour and a half, then put into pots in usual way.

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Ginger Marmalade from 1916 Recipe Book

Ginger Marmalade

Peel forty small oranges, divide each into four. Put in a preserving pan, cover with water, and boil with water, and boil to pulp, strain. To every pint of juice allow a pound of sugar. Cut into small pieces one pound of green ginger, add it to juice, after bringing this to the boil. Boil for an hour, or until it will set.

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ginger marmalade