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Creamed Haddock Recipe 1909

Creamed haddock recipe.

Pour half a pint of boiling milk over a dried haddock ; cover it over and let it remain for a few minutes.Skin and bone it, and put it into a saucepan with milk ; season with pepper, and let it get quite hot. Thicken the milk with flour and butter, then serve garnished with hard- boiled eggs cut into slices.

Vegetable Recipe For Cauliflower Pie from 1916

Cauliflower pie recipe.

The remains of a boiled cauliflower, a little grated cheese, and white sauce. Separate the cauliflower in neat pieces. Lay some of them at the bottom of a pie dish. Sprinkle with pepper and salt, put on another layer of cauliflower and cheese, and so on, till the dish is full. Make a little white sauce with half a pint of milk , one tablespoonful of flour, a small piece of butter, and salt to taste. Pour this over the cauliflower, and put in a quick oven till brown. Serve hot. It will be very tasty and nourishing.

Ham Castle Recipe

Ham Castle Recipe From 1916.

Put the remains of some cold ham through a mincing machine, make some toast, and cut into rounds. Mix with the minced ham a little butter, pepper and salt, and some cream. Spread the rounds of toast with the creamed ham, building up to a point. Sprinkle the pyramids thickly with grated cheese, and bake in the oven till brown.

Braised Fillet of Beef Recipe from the Great War 1916

Braised fillet of beef recipe.

Take a four- pound fillet of beef, put in a large saucepan, with one carrot and onion, cut up, one bay leaf, a little thyme and parsley. Add two ounces of butter, fry until nice and brown, then half cover with stock.Put in oven, and cook for an hour and a half. Serve with brown gravy and horseradish sauce.

First World War Roast Leg of Pork Recipe 1916

Roast leg of pork recipe.

Choose a small leg of pork, and score the skin across in narrow stripes. Cut a slit in the knuckle, loosen the skin, and fill with sage-and onion stuffing. Brush over with salad oil (this makes the crackling crisper and a better colour). Bake in a moderate oven, basting well all the time. Serve with gravy made in the dripping-tin, and a tureen of apple sauce.