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Souffle Pudding

Put half a pint of breadcrumbs into a pie-dish with one pint of milk, two ounces of sugar, the grated rind of one lemon, one ounce of butter cut up small, and the yolks of two eggs. Bake until set and nicely browned. Now put a layer of any firm preserve on the top, beat the whites off the two eggs to a stiff froth with the juice of half a lemon and two ounces of castor sugar, and put it over the preserve. Put the pudding back in the oven, and brown lightly with a salamander.

Souffle pudding


Strawberry and Crumb Pudding 1868

Time to bake, half an hour,

A quart of new milk, four eggs, a nutmeg, one small pot of strawberry jam, half a pound of bread – crumbs.

Butter a pie dish, and put a small pot of strawberry jam at the bottom, then a good layer of bread Рcrumbs. Well beat four eggs, stir into them two ounces of powdered sugar, and a little grated nutmeg, add a quart of new milk, and stir it over the fire until it is  sufficiently thick, pour it over the preserve very gradually, and bake the pudding in a very moderate  oven.

Strawberry and Crumb Pudding

Cottage Pie Recipe From 1909 Book

Cottage Pie

Ingredients,—- Two pounds of boiled potatoes, one ounce of driping, half a pound of cold meat,a little milk, pepper and salt to taste.

Method.— Mash potatoes well, add pepper and salt, and enough milk to make them into a paste. Beat well with a wooden spoon. Chop the meat finely. Grease a pie dish, put in some potatoes, then meat. Sprinkle over it a little pepper and salt, and cover with rest of the potatoes. Mark with a fork.Add a few pieces of dripping, and bake in a quick oven for about half an hour.

Chicken Pie Recipe from 1916 Cook Book

Chicken Pie

Mince up some chicken, and add the same amount of breadcrumbs, pepper and salt, a scrap of onion, and the yolk of an egg. Whip up the white, stir it in. Put the mixture in a small pie dish, and spread mashed potato on top, Bake for twenty minutes, or until the potato is nice golden brown.

Curry Pie Recipe From 1909

Curry Pie

Curry Pie Recipe:

Cut two pounds of veal and one small onion into small pieces, fry in a stewpan, with a little butter, to a light brown. Shake in two tablespoonfuls of curry powder and one of flour. Toss all together. Then add one tablespoonful of grated carrot, one small apple chopped, the juice of half a lemon, a little salt, and one pint of stock. Stew gently for two hours, pour into a piedish, and turn out when set.