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Creamed Haddock Recipe 1909

Creamed haddock recipe.

Pour half a pint of boiling milk over a dried haddock ; cover it over and let it remain for a few minutes.Skin and bone it, and put it into a saucepan with milk ; season with pepper, and let it get quite hot. Thicken the milk with flour and butter, then serve garnished with hard- boiled eggs cut into slices.

Edwardian Cabbage Balls Recipe

Cabbage Balls Recipe.

Mix together some minced meat,parsley, onions, rice,pepper and salt, and bind the mixture together with a beaten raw egg. Steam some cabbage leaves in very little water, then roll a little of the mixture into each one in the form of a ball; then lay very carefully in a rather large pan, with about a breakfast-cupful of water, and let them steam gently for an hour and a half.