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Cherry and Plum Jam Recipe

Cherry and Plumb recipe from 1916

This needs no water added. Use small black plumbs and black cherries. Have equal quantities plumbs and cherries.cherry and plumb jam Stone them, and save the juice. Put the fruit and juice in the preserving-pan, cook until it is soft and the juice flows freely. Add sugar (the same weight as fruit), cook fast, skimming carefully. Test to see if it is done. A few plum kernels, chopped fine, are a nice addition, and give a nutty flavour, but do not put many in, or the flavour will be too strong.

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Swiss Roll Cake from 1916 Recipe Book

Swiss  Roll Cake

Beat up two eggs with two ounces of castor sugar, add four ounces of flour lightly,and mix in a teaspoonful of baking powder. Line a greased yorkshire pudding tin with paper, melt a small piece of butter, and brush the paper all over with it. Pour the cake mixture in, and bake it in a quick oven for about ten minutes. Turn it on to paper sprinkled with castor sugar. Mix two tablespoonfuls of raspberry jam with one tablespoonful of hot water, spread this over, and roll up quickly.jam roll cake

German Chocolate Cake from 1909 Recipe Book

German Chocolate Cake

A quarter of a pound of butter, the same of almonds, sugar, chocolate, and four eggs. Beat the butter to cream, add the sugar, the yolks of the eggs, and the chocolate, which has been melted in the oven. Mix well together. Then put in the whites of the eggs, beaten stiff, and last, the almonds, pounded with the skin on. Spread on a buttered tin  about one eighth of an inch thick, and bake in rather a slow oven for half an hour. Spread jam on one half, cover with the other half; cut into small squares, and dust with sugar.

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Apricot and Pineapple Jam From 1916

Apricot and Pineapple Jam

One pound of dried apricots, one small tin of pineapple chunks. Soak apricots in three cupfuls of water for two days. Put in pan with juice from pineapple, boil for one hour. Then add four pounds and a half of sugar, and pineapple chunks cut small. Boil for half an hour.


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Apricot pinapple jam


Peach Jam from 1916 Recipe Book

peach jamPeach Jam 1916

Take one pound of dried peaches, wash well, soak in a pan with three pints of water for three days, strain off liquid and put it into a preserving pan with three pounds of sugar. Boil slowly for a few minutes, add peaches cut up small, also one lemon cut up small. Boil for about one hour and a half, then put into pots in usual way.

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