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My first recipe collection – Pickles and Preserves!!

I’m so excited – I’ve just published my first collection of vintage recipes!!

I’ve adapted fifty old recipes for pickles and preserves so that they can be followed by modern cooks more easily. Some of the recipes in their original text can be found here on my blog, but if you want to see easier cooking instructions and measurements, check out my new e-book:

Ginger Marmalade from 1916 Recipe Book

Ginger Marmalade

Peel forty small oranges, divide each into four. Put in a preserving pan, cover with water, and boil with water, and boil to pulp, strain. To every pint of juice allow a pound of sugar. Cut into small pieces one pound of green ginger, add it to juice, after bringing this to the boil. Boil for an hour, or until it will set.

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ginger marmalade