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Raised Muffin Recipe

MuffinsRaised Muffin Edwardian Recipe 1909.

Scald a pint of milk, and when lukewarm add one compressed yeast cake dissolved, half a teaspoonful of salt, and two cupfuls and a half of flour. Beat thoroughly, and stand aside until very light – about two hours. Then add the yolks of two eggs well beaten, and fold in the well beaten whites. Stand aside for thirty minutes, and bake in greased muffin-rings.

Crumb Muffin Recipe from 1916 Book

Crumb Muffins

Grate or crumble enough stale bread to fill a cupful. Soak in one cupful of warm milk till quite soft, then add two well beaten eggs, half a teaspoonful of salt, one tablespoonful of melted butter, sufficient flour to make a thick drop batter, and two teaspoonfuls of baking powder. Half fill muffin or cake tins with batter, and bake in a hot oven.