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Rock Biscuits Recipe

Rock Biscuits Recipe from 1860.

Ingredients.–6 eggs, one pound of sifted sugar, half a pound of flour, a few currants.

Method.—Break the eggs into a basin, beat them well until very light, add the pounded sugar, and when this is well mixed with the eggs, dredge in the flour gradually, and add currants. Mix together well,and put the dough onto the fork,and then place dough onto the tins, making it look as rough as possible. Bake the cakes in a moderate oven from 20 minutes to half an hour; when they are done, allow them to get cool, and store them away in a tin canister, in a dry place.

Rock Bisciuts

Rock Cakes Recipe from 1868 Cookery Book.

Rock Cakes

Half a pound of butter; one pound of flour; half a pound of sugar; forty drops of essence of lemon; two eggs; half a glass of brandy or white wine. Rub half a pound of butter into a pound of dried flour and half a pound of sugar. Mix the whole with two beaten eggs and half a glass of brandy or white wine. Drop the on a baking sheet, and bake for half an hour.Rock Cakes